251 Pieces Drawing Set with 78 Fine Water Color Pens&45 Oil Sticks

Product name Box/Carton   Carton Size Carton Weight  Accessories Direction of use Material Lead time
251 Pieces Drawing Set 8 Box 50.5*40*47.5CM 11/12kgs 251 Pcs Drawing wood+ paint+ plastic+rubber Stock

Rugged and durable, complete configuration, bright colors, convenient storage, diverse brushes, worry-free painting, slender crayons, bright colors, comfortable grip with colored lead, and gorgeous colors
Accessories list:
78 fine water color pens
48 crayons
45 oil sticks
30 paper clips
24 short pole color lead
18 powder pad
ruler 1
ordinary pencil 1
rubber 1
pencil sharpener 1
pigment brush 1
pallete 1,
glue 1
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