No-Noise Quiet Clicky Pen, Clicky 0.5mm ST Tip Retractable Gel Ink Pen

Material QTY MOQ Ink Color Tip
 Plastic 1/12/144/1728
5000pcs/color Black ST Tip 0.5mm
OEM Lead Time Sample Port Trade term
YES Based On Quantity YES Ningbo FOB

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Welcome to our B2B stationery independent site, where we specialize in providing high-quality stationery products for purchasers and wholesalers. Today, we would like to introduce a special product – the Silent Clicking Pen.

The Silent Clicking Pen is our exclusive product, designed to meet the needs of those seeking a quiet environment for work or study. The most significant feature of this pen is its extremely low clicking sound, almost negligible, hence it is also known as the Quiet Click Pen.

Our Quiet Click Pen uses advanced buffering technology to keep each click quiet while ensuring the durability and comfort of the pen. Whether in the library, office, or at home, this pen provides a silent writing experience, making your work or study environment more peaceful.

In addition, we have also launched the Silent Click Gel Pen. This pen combines silent clicking technology with smooth gel pen ink, making writing smoother while maintaining a quiet clicking experience.

In summary, whether it’s the Silent Clicking Pen, the Quiet Click Pen, or the Silent Click Gel Pen, they are all specially designed to meet customers’ needs for a quiet writing environment. If you are looking for a pen that can provide an excellent writing experience while keeping the surrounding environment quiet, then this Clicky Pen will be your ideal choice.

Purchasers and wholesalers are welcome to contact us. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you and providing better products and services for customers together. Thank you!