Paper Clips, Binder Clips and Rubber Bands Set, Office Desk Supply Set

The office desk set, which is making from Beifa Group,The features of office desk set is:

1High cost performance: . They are stored in different grids in reusable plastic containers for easy to find or storage.

2High quality: Paper clips and binder clips are made of high-quality metal return needle is made of vinyl coating, corrosion resistance and smooth surface to prevent paper scratches. Rubber Bands are made of natural rubber for smooth, stretchability, re-usable. Cute office supplies decorate your busy and tired life.

3Efficient File Arrangement: various sizes, different binder clips, paper clips, and rubber bands, multi-colors, suitable for different thickness, type, scene of information annotation and file arrangement, let you more relaxed and interested in the process of work.

4Application: Take good care of your documents, examination papers, leaflets, renewal, envelopes, posters, tickets, etc. Also used for food clips, clothing design, furniture, photo hangings and as holiday gifts; school supplies for teachers perfect for office, school and home daily use.

Type  QTY Carton size G.W/N.W Material Color Lead time
Office Desk  Set 1/36 60.7*20.7*17.7cm 15/14 Steel+Plastic Colorful BASED ON QUANTITY


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