【Stock】Cute Calf 16 Pieces Stationery Set- Accompany children to learn happily

Pcs/Carton   Carton Size Weight  Size Color Material Lead time
8 Set 60*41*42cm 443.3g 40x30x18cm  Blue  fabric Stock


1. Children’s backpack:
Structure: The bag is divided into two layers. The first layer is a refrigerator-style opening and closing with a double zipper, and there is a mesh bag and an interlayer for pens. The front of the school bag has silver gray reflective PU leather. There are handles on the top of the bag and reinforced with knots, and there are pockets on both sides of the bag + 0.8 silver-gray reflective PU leather. The second layer has a double zipper with a lining.
Backpack size: 40*30*18cm
Color: navy blue + lake blue two colors
Fabric material: 600D polyester Oxford cloth 370g/square meter, lining material: 210D polyester cloth, 65g/square meter; handle/back shoulder: Oxford cloth + sandwich mesh;
2. GP181800 press gel pen, blue barrel, 0.5mm ball pen tip, no printing on the barrel.
3. 5 round pencils, product size: 175*7MM. Product description: Regular HB poplar round rod pencil with lacquered surface and orange color.
4. TPR white rubber, size: 4.8*2.1*1.1CM, packaged in cellophane.
5. Round plastic single hole pencil sharpener.
6. The mechanical pencil has a blue eraser head, the refill is 0.5mm, the pen is blue without printing, and the pen body comes with a lead.
7. Lead core box, lead core specifications: 0.5*60mm long, 12 pieces. Lead box size: 10*64*6mm.
8. Tinplate stationery box, size: 21*6.2*2CM, printed in four colors on the outside and white on the inside.
9. Sticker, size: 20*13.9cm.
10. 12-color watercolor pen, hexagonal rod, with 6 white stripes in the same color as the ink color, no printing, solid color and color of the cap, solid black tail/tip.
Packing: 12pcs/color box
11. 12-color hexagonal oil pastel, size 11*74mm, each oil pastel comes with a colored perimeter paper, 12 pieces/color box.
12. Tangram, 4 triangular boards, 1 square board, and 1 parallelogram board are put into a grooved board with color instructions.
Packing: 1 set/shrink film.
13. Drawing paper: size 28.5*21cm, 32 sheets per book.

14. PVA solid glue 9 grams, the bottle body is covered with bright film self-adhesive.

15. 4 sets of rulers for students, 1 20CM ruler, 1 protractor, 2 triangular rulers.
Packing: 4 pcs/PET bag
16. Doll, cute cow pendant.

Overall packaging: 2-7 are put into the 8th tinplate stationery box, and together with the other 9-16 (8 pieces in total) are put into the backpack.

stationery-set_01 stationery-set_02 stationery-set_03 stationery-set_04 stationery-set_05 stationery-set_06 stationery-set_07 stationery-set_08

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