31*23.6*21.5 8 Colours Notebook Made of PU Leather for School Office

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48 Box 31*23.6*21.5 8.9KG opp bag 8 PU+Paper QSP hot

1. The book corner is rounded, which avoids users from accidentally cutting their fingers and greatly enhances the safety factor. If the user is a child, there is no need to worry about being accidentally hurt.At the same time, the notebook comes with a book belt of the same color, which also facilitates users to do paging and marking.
2. . The notebook can be spread out to 180 degrees, which greatly improves the writing experience and comfort and creates a more comfortable writing environment
3. The size is perfect for carrying around, and users can record anything they need at any time, anywhere
4. The cover of the notebook is made of pu leather, wrapped in a spongy cushion, which feels soft and textured, providing effective protection for the inside pages.The leather color is bright, without any decorative design and pattern, it looks simple and calm.
5. The laptop comes with an elastic closure that prevents the pages from falling apart and makes the book look more organized. You can also carry files or other papers in your notebook. Because of the elastic closure, even if you run, the files will not fall down.

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